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As a product of the Child Welfare System, I knew at a young age that I wanted to give back and help others. I attended Wagner College where I studied Sociology and later pursued a master's degree in Social Work from Michigan State University. I value the importance of mental health and provide a comprehensive set of services to help you secure, maintain, and nurture peace of mind. Wilcox Wellness provides the tools to help Master the Art of Living as you navigate your mental health and wellness journey.

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Wellness Solutions

Welcome to Wilcox Wellness, where we provide high-quality trainings and workshops to help businesses and organizations foster a healthier and more productive workplace.

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Welcome to Wilcox Wellness, where we provide high-quality trainings and workshops to help businesses and organizations foster a healthier and more productive workplace.

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Individual/Group Therapy

Welcome to Wilcox Wellness, a place where we strive to provide you with the best possible care for your mental health. We understand that life can be overwhelming at

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Mental health therapy

I didn’t have much luck with my last therapist I didn’t feel like we connected. However, when I started working with Mario I felt like we really connected. Some things that really stood out to me was how dedicated Mario is and how he’s determined to find a solution. I love how he actually remembers our sessions and can quote what was said. He’s very attentive and always provides resources. I am really pleased with the progress I’ve made since working with Mario. I haven’t always been consistent with treatment in the past but he makes me want to show up and I always learn something new from our sessions. My perspective on life has definitely changed since I’ve been working with Mario. I have a more positive outlook on life. I am always telling my friends and family about how great Mario is. I am always sharing what I’ve learned from him in hopes to help others. Overall he’s an amazing therapist and I always look forward to working with him!


Mental health therapy

I come from a long line of therapists throughout my life. I had my very first encounter when I was enrolled in divorce counseling at age five. Realistically, I have had about 20 different therapists throughout the entirety of it. As a recovering drug addict with a large amount of past trauma, I was no easy feat. I met Mario when I was 27 years old, and in a total mental, emotional, crisis. I had been addicted to crack cocaine since I was 14, in treatment (MAT) for heroin addiction, and was a black out drunk alcoholic. I was also, in complete despair, after finding out my husband at the time had molested my then, 4 year old daughter. Suicidal, homicidal, and broken to what I thought was beyond repair, Mario was such a bright light in my world of utter darkness. Upon hearing my story, Mario showed a pure empathetic nature I hadn’t experienced in so long. When you are labeled as one of society’s outcasts, you are rarely, If ever, greeted with this kind of compassion. Not only was he able to provide me with the genuine support I so desperately needed, he saw in me what I did not, could not, see in myself. He helped me to realize that I was not a bad person, but a person plagued with addiction, a disease, and a victim of unfortunate circumstance. Mario never chastised me when I slipped, stumbled, or fell flat on my face. But rather, encouraged me to get back up. He was always there without judgment, to help me put the pieces back together. Mario got me through the darkest time in my life, and, has played a vital role in my 3.5 years of continuous sobriety. Since this time, he has witnessed me fight for custody of my daughter, who I lost due to my addiction, and win. He has also seen me recover, have another child, my son, and completely reconstruct my life. Without Mario, I truly believe I would not be who I am today. Mario is without a doubt, one of the most genuine, encouraging and kind human beings I have ever met. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Mario will be blessed with the opportunity of experiencing one of God’s greatest people. Thank you Mario, from the bottom of my heart.


Mental health therapy

Mario is by far the best therapist I’ve ever had. Since I’ve been working with him, he has constantly challenged me to be a better version of myself. He works hard to ensure that I feel supported, and goes out of his way to provide resources whenever I need them. Lastly, and most importantly, Mario looks like me. As a young Black man and professional, I have been able to connect with Mario in ways that I haven’t with other providers.


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